Establishment and History of the school

Hindu Vidya Niketan

This School was started by the managing committee of the Hindu senior secondary school in 1995 with Arun, Uday, and first-class in the northern end of the school premises. The Committee initially started with this school was Geeta Siksha Samiti, presently by Vidya Bharati (Hindu Education committee) created. Vidya Bharati is an educational institute whose full name is Akhil Bhartiya Shiksha Sansthan.

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Hindu Vidya Niketan Nuh Middle School (HVNNMS) located at Mewat Nuh Gghs Nuh is one of the popular schools in India.

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Years of experience

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Class Room

Due Starting Basic School And The Environment

Hindu senior secondary school was an aided school in which there were many types of educational problems due to the numbers of students and the distribution of teachers on them, according to the class keeping in mind theses problems and social thinking this School “The Hindu Vidya Niketan Vidyalaya’’ was established to provide quality education based on the moral values and the conditions of the time.


In the first session of the school, the number of students was 90. Its level was updated to one class elder every year. At present, this school is up to second in 1995, the number of students was about 90, at present the number of students is about.

This school was applied for permanent recognition in 2007.

School code is ‘’1841/MWT/8th /BOSE/2009’’.

The school provides co-education and the school provides both English and Hindi medium.

The school was classes from Arun to 8th in a minimum of two departments and a maximum of three sections.

School Event and Situation

The foundation of the first room of the school was laid by Mr. Satish Kumar, the department propagator of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

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In 1997, 3333 square yards of land was donated to the school by pandit Shri Jagdish Sharma and his brother (Ved Prakash, Roshan Lal, Raghunath, and Naresh) Mr. prem ChandGarg and his wife Mrs. Sanno Devi Garg, Mr. Kamlesh ChandMangla, Mr. Lalaram  Aggarwal Ji and Other donors supported the school by donating. A former principal of the school Mr. Om Prakash Batra served the school from March 1997 to 2019 and contributed to the development of the school. Currently the principal of the school Mr. Prithvi Raj Kaushal Ji.In presently the school land is 9833 square yards.

School Achievements

  • Building construction – In 1997,3333 square yards of land adjoining the school was received by donation, construction work started on this land with the co-operation of the school’s resources and society. This school currently has 36 rooms.
  • The Educational side -More attention was paid to improve the educational level and the number of teachers also increased every year, according to the number of the students in the school.
  • At this time teachers and servants in the school have come to civics.
  • Economic side – Special attention was given to improve the economic side at this time schools are capable of salary and other components. Students of all sections of the society study in it.


  • Sanskar side – This school is run by vidya Bharati and works for the ideals set by vidya Bharati the teachers also make every effort to ensure that the sanskar side of students is strong.


  • Shishu Vatika – Separate wing has been made for Shishu Vatika classes. Wall painting has been done as per children. Special attention has been paid to the curriculum-related activities and education in these classes.


  • The all rounddevelopment program:- Each school run by Vidya Bharati emphasizes on all-round development of the student .Therefore, attention was given to the all-round development of every student from the very beginning in this school ,so that students can build their personality by accepting physical education ,yoga, music ,moral and spiritual education and Sanskrit education along with education.


  • Present situation :-At present the ,school is trying to achieve its goals ,all the teachers in the school are ready to shape the personality of their students according to human ethos through their efforts. Important facilities for the education of students in the school such as science laboratory ,mathematics laboratory , laboratory ,library etc. are available. At present all kinds of facilities such as building ,water system ,sports etc  are all equipped with the school.


  • Future plan of the school -The school is currently recognized by Haryana board up to class 8th.The school is working on a number of future plans to achieve its goals ,out of which the major schemes are below –


  • At present, the school is trying to get the best CBSE accreditation so that the school is from secondary level to higher secondary level.
  • The main plan of the school is to start smart classes for every level of classes reached.
  • Future plans are also included in the future plans by providing education to the students through a new state of the art means.
  • In addition to this math park, a science park is also planned for the students.